Hanging With Frodo Baggins At The Tofino Food & Wine Festival


We’ve just returned back from a stay at Tofino’s stunning Long Beach Lodge on Cox Bay. It seemed like we’d only just left (we were there last month, too), but what can I say? There is no other place on earth that I’d rather be than on a beach in Tofino, taking it nice and easy.

The reason for this particular trip was to take in the 8th Annual Tofino Food & Wine Festival, which – as I’ve noted in past years – is always the coolest and most highly anticipated local event on my work/pleasure calendar. If you’ve never been before, the best way I’ve found to describe it is this: imagine if a bunch of hobbits high on Longbottom Leaf and Old Toby got together dozens of wineries, breweries, artisan food producers and top drawer local restaurants and set up stalls for them to dispense their awesomeness in a rainforest on a perfect June day with the occasional naked woman wiggling her painted boobs for extra fun and a band that plays on and on. That’s what it’s like for me at least. I suggest you go next year and create your own memories.

Between skating the skatepark with a brand new board (weird), watching a Rip Curl surf contest go down in front of our room (a pleasant surprise), going on shell collecting hikes (we found plenty of good ones) and just plain hanging with good friends (always wonderful), we were able to pay visits to some of our favourite scarf spots, including Tacofino, Wildside, Tough City Sushi, Sobo, the Long Beach Lodge’s beautiful Great Room, and for the first time ever, Spotted Bear. With the season now well underway, all were on their game. We had great food within the festival and without, as we have year after year. The good luck flows in this town, and we lap it up. Here are over 100 photos that Michelle and I took to give you a scattered idea as to how it all went down…

In the Horseshoe Bay ferry line upLong Beach LodgeFrom the Long Beach Lodge's Great RoomThe first strange naked ladies that my children ever saw...Andrew & Bobby Honey | Chesterman Beach | TofinoFrom our room at the Long Beach Lodgetofino 2010 June FAWF 364tofino 2010 June FAWF 478Ocean soaked and fire roasted summer corn on a friend's decktofino 2010 June FAWF 571Beautiful dress at the TFWFThe lovely and talented Sarah on her biketofino 2010 June FAWF 492tofino 2010 June FAWF 520From the Long Beach Lodge's Great RoomTofino Food and Wine FestivalTofino Food and Wine FestivalPlease drink my wine...tofino 2010 June FAWF 557From a friend's houseAt the Tofino skateparktofino 2010 June FAWF 579tofino 2010 June FAWF 604Omnomnom at the TFWFtofino 2010 June FAWF 740Lisa Ahier at Sobo cooking up a delicious duck taco stormtofino 2010 June FAWF 537Miso with udon and tofu at SoboRocking the HipstamaticOut front of the Long Beach LodgePizza at SoboThe surf in front of our roomGetting hooked up with a new skateboard at Storm in TofinoAlex and I score a new board at the Storm shopMe at the Tofino skateparkSurfers return at sunsetSurfers on Cox Bay in front of the Long Beach LodgeSunset off Cox BayJack and Pip on the ferryHilary's Cheese | Cowichan ValleyChatting with Brent Haymantofino 2010 June FAWF 482Pipe tobacco, weed, and cigarettes, oh my...Surfers on Cox Bay in front of the Long Beach LodgeFrom our room at the Long Beach LodgeSummer dress at the TFWFChilled Longwood at the TFWFAt Tacofino, waiting for kickass tortilla soupMichelle on the ferryTFWF organiser Kira Rogers and her beautiful new baby boyMichelle on Cox Baytofino 2010 June FAWF 352Road 13 caps at the TFWFMichelle hunting for good rocksTry this...Sand dollartofino 2010 June FAWF 448Me and my old friend Monktofino 2010 June FAWF 642Tofino Food and Wine Festivaltofino 2010 June FAWF 639Michelle finds something awesometofino 2010 June FAWF 632tofino 2010 June FAWF 550Tofino Food and Wine FestivalTacofino \ TofinoAwaiting the waves for the Rip Curl surfing contesttofino 2010 June FAWF 609The Tofino Food and Wine FestivalAt a friends house amusing the children (or myself)Surfers on Cox Baytofino 2010 June FAWF 595TFWFThe Black Rock crew at the TFWFFrontside kickflipNice creeper stall on the Cox Bay miniAnd then the saints came marching in...Jack's shellsSurferMonk at Cox BayPip the pirateSweet 65 VW van | Tofinotofino 2010 June FAWF 672The temporary miniramp on Cox BayThe oyster shack at the TFWFI forgot my board in Vancouver so I picked up a new complete at Storm so I could ride the Tofino bowlDancing starfishJack hunting for sand dollarsJack hunting for sand dollarsMe & TDM post-interview at the TFWFThe Tofino Food and Wine FestivalThe view from our windowAt Spotted BearBeer at Spotted BearTough City SushiJason from TacofinoThe Botanical GardensSunset off Cox BayMichelle buying 4L of Tacofino's tortilla soup to take home with us (stoked)The Jag loves the crazy twisting highway from Port Alberni to TofinoMichelle flanked by happy strangers in the Botanical Gardens during the TFWFPedal power blondRoad 13 represents at the TFWFPouring Longwood at the TFWFJesse from Wildside doling goodies at the TFWF

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