If Weed Was Legal, What Would It Look Like At Whole Foods?


The marketing of marijuana in a legalised environment would make for an interesting opening for tapped in designers. It might be time for you creatives to open an office in Abbotsford…

Given the rapidly shifting attitudes toward the legalization of Marijuana and the growing support of medical marijuana use, Print Magazine recently asked some design firms to take a whack at designing what would be packaging for legal Marijuana cigarettes (yes, people… joints).

According to Print magazine, the statistics website FiveThirtyEight estimates that if public support continues to grow at its current pace, legalization could happen within 15 years.

Print Magazine contacted four firms; Lust, a graphic design practice in Amsterdam established by Thomas Castro, Jeroen Barendse, and Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen; the New York office of Base, which worked with its branches in Europe; the Oslo firm Strømme Throndsen, winner of the 2009 Award for Design Excellence for its flour packaging; and The Heads of State, a two-man operation run by Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers in Philadelphia.

The brief was simple: What would a legal pack of marijuana cigarettes look like?

Take a look here.

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  1. Way back when the Fed. Liberals were busy Adscamming and subsidizing grow ops (for research purposes only) One of my old firm’s assignments was designing the packaging for a possible line of pre-rolled “Marijuana Cigarillos” (because “cigarette” was considered too cancerous)
    Anyways, long story short, if there’s gonna be any legalization and manufacture anytime soon, the doobies will look almost identical to current cigarillos. like Panter, and come in packs of 5 or 10. Cardboard packs, no fancy graphics or leaf logos. Very boring.