Random Photo #605: Mark Brand Strikes An Extra Wicked Pose…

November 21, 2009 


I’m on household recycling duty today and so I’ve been flipping through piles of old work and clipping out stories for the scrapbook (that I’ve never kept). I found this four year old Lisa Kaulback shot of Mark Brand – then the bar manager at Chambar, now co-owner of Boneta, The Diamond – and had a chuckle, if only because it’s so spectacularly cougarific. It rolled with the first ever Bartender of the Year award feature as part of the 17th annual Vancouver magazine restaurant awards issue (May 2006), which – on the strength of the pose struck above – you can bet your ass I won’t be recycling any time soon. Freakin’ meow.

  • Layla

    Brand + suit = hawt.