Poll: Which Are You Pining For Most, “The Keefer” Or “Bao Bei”?

11636_202740595364_587340364_4411030_7539330_nThis has already been described as a Sophie’s Choice of sorts by someone following Scout on twitter. I totally agree. Still, it’s fun to throw down with your opinion every once in a while, and anonymity makes it so much easier.


Bao Bei, the much anticipated 2200 sq ft, 50 seat modern Chinese restaurant on Chinatown’s Keefer St (owned/run by Tannis Ling, lately of Chambar), is still on for the end of November. Aside from killer cocktails, Ling says we can expect “lots of noodles, dumplings, drunken chicken – stuff like that”.

The Keefer also sounds awesome: “…guests mingle with adventurous locals and graze on Asian street tapas, while well versed bartenders spin classic cocktails using fresh ingredients from local Chinatown markets.” Two Chefs And A Table are doing the food, and word is bar manager Dani Tatarin is leaving db Bistro to run the show (confirmed – thanks SB).

I’ll be drinking at both, making my conscience clear. 😉 So…

Which opening stokes you more, Bao Bei or The Keefer Bar?

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