Whistler Favourite “Bearfoot Bistro” Joins Scout Magazine…


Whistler’s Bearfoot Bistro is now a proud member supporter of Scout. We will be publishing their news and press releases on our front page, and hosting an individual page for them on our list of recommended restaurants. Click ahead for a taste or visit their Scout page here



4121 Village Green, Whistler, BC V0N1B4 | MAP
Tel: 604-932-3433 | Fax: 604-932-8383
email: info@bearfootbistro.com
Web: www.bearfootbistro.com


The Team


Led by owner Andre Saint Jacques and executive chef Melissa Craig



At the legendary Bearfoot Bistro, every night is a celebration of sophisticated culinary wizardry and magical joie de vivre.

The festivities begin in the stylish Champagne Bar, where your crystal flute awaits, chilling in a frozen cradle of illuminated ice carved out of the solid pewter bar. Relax into a high-backed leather chair while the resident pianist warms up the romantic dining room with some bluesy jazz.

Founder André Saint-Jacques is the convivial master of ceremonies who presides over the lively ambience of this award-winning dining room, the only Whistler restaurant to receive a coveted three-star rating from the anonymously conducted Where to Eat in Canada guide for 2009/2010.

Mr. Saint-Jacques’ passion for champagne sabering – he holds the Guinness World Record for 21 bottles sliced open in under a minute – is as renowned as his saucy Masquerave parties, at which body-painted models lend lusty fizz to the free-flowing bubbles.


But after you’ve finished touring the Bearfoot’s extravagant underground wine cellar (a perennial winner of the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence) and the smoke clears from the cauldrons of nitrogen ice cream flash-freezed tableside, it is the subtle elegance of executive chef Melissa Craig’s modern haute cuisine that will leave you dazzled.

In 2008, Ms. Craig was crowned “Canada’s best chef” at the Canadian Culinary Championships. Her triumphant Alaskan king crab trio tantalizes the taste buds with her gastronomic signatures: a thoughtful progression of exquisitely balanced flavors and surprising mix of textures. In this case, it was a bamboo cone of tender claw meat topped with soy-infused pop rocks that wowed the judges.

Whether it’s a delicate quail egg sprinkled with Canadian caviar or a luscious cube of Wagyu beef from Japan, the Bearfoot Bistro brings you the very best ingredients from local farmers and around the world to create an unforgettable experience.


“Best Whistler” | Vancouver Magazine Awards, 2009

“…Craig had executed an unforgettable meal that cemented her position as one of Canada’s most talented chefs.” | Fiona Morrow, Vancouver Magazine January/February 2009

“Canada’s Best Chef” | Canadian Culinary Championships, February 2008

“Chef of the Year – Melissa Craig” Top 40 Foodies (Under Forty), Western Living Magazine October 2008



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