New “Las Tortas” Brings Killer Mexican Sandwiches To Cambie


We’d been watching Las Tortas closely ever since the paper went up on the hole-in-the-wall windows at 3353 Cambie a few months ago, so when word came that they’d opened over the weekend, we totally bumrushed the show.


If you’ve never heard of “tortas” before, that doesn’t mean you’ve never had one. It’s just a sandwich, the Mexican cousin of the Anglo submarine and the Vietnamese Banh Mi. Not exactly fancypants high falutin’ cuisine, but the stuff cravings are made of…


There were 13 different options ranging in price from $6.95 to $9.95, and all come loaded with pickled onions, jalapeno, cabbage, tomato, refried beans, butter, and mayonnaise. The one pictured above is the Mexican Club ($9.75) with ham, slow roasted pork thigh “marinated in Mexican spices”, chorizo, and Monterrey Jack cheese.


The ordering system is pretty straight-forward. Customers pick up a paper bag that lists the options, mark the ones they want with checks, and give it to the cashier. Depending on volume, they shouldn’t take more than ten minutes, tops.


I tried four tortas on my first visit. I’ll hold my comments for my Westender column next week, but in the meantime…go now before the word gets out. This place should have a line-up out the door.


PS. Congratulations to the crew working at Pied-a-Terre next door. I wonder if they’ll ever look at their staff meals longingly again…

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    I recently visited LAS TORTAS, after waiting anxiously for quite a while willing to try this delicious New Mexican Restaurant. As soon as I walked into this cozy dinner, I noticed there menu was printed on a brown paper bag where I followed to personalize my order. I asked for a nicely served sandwich with a side order of chips, and “Tamarindo Water”. I could feel the freshly sliced ingredients that created a mouthful of explosive flavors. Did I mention they have take out. The food was absolutely explicit, well served, joined with excellent service.
    All I can say is I’m already planning my next visit for this same week. I wish you the best of luck, and can assure LAS TORTAS did their homework very well.


  2. I’d just like to say that our staff meals at Pied-a-Terre are actually rather awesome.
    It is nice to have tortas so close, though…

  3. Good tortas, but honestly @ $9.95 I’ll be driving to Duffin’s more often than I walk across the street from my office. 1/2 the price and a more interesting atmosphere 🙂

    Such is the cost a fancy new Cambie Street I guess.

  4. I love how people take simple ethnic food re-package it and slap a $10 price tag on it. Duffin’s has been serving $4 tortas for years and Viet subs can be had in Van for $2.50-$3.00.

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