The Man Who Went From Being A Mountie To Hanging With Jimi…

I was first introduced to Canadian broadcast icon Terry David Mulligan a couple of years ago in a Whistler hotel room. He wasn’t a stranger to me. Like most Canadians under 50 with an interest in music, I grew up watching him on TV interviewing great musicians and introducing the music videos that have become part of the long slideshow of my memory. It was really cool to get a chance to share a bottle with someone who was as much a part of my personal cultural architecture as Donkey Kong, John Hughes or Stan Smyl. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a few meals with him since. It’s always great fun just being in his company.

TDM has interviewed everyone, from Jimi Hendrix to Duran Duran, so every time he turns the mike on me for his excellent radio show/podcast (The Tasting Room) I feel like I’m 12. We bumped into each other up at The Okanagan Summer Wine Festival this past weekend, and as soon as he wrapped his interview with me I turned the tables on him. Enjoy.

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  1. Terry David Mainstream. A man who is on a first name basis with Buble, Adams and Priestly. Now he’s an expert on wine, Burrowing Owl, Yellow Tail and Sandhill. I prefer someone who digs a little deeper.