Meet Corner Suite Chef & Food Network Star Anthony Sedlak

Our interview with Anthony Sedlak, star of the Food Network show The Main and the executive chef at the Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe, the highly anticipated new off-Robson joint from restaurateurs Andre McGillivray and Steve Da Cruz.

PS. You can read my Vancouver Magazine story on the Corner Suite here).

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There are 2 comments

  1. Cool interview, but it would have been interesting to hear more in-depth answers to some of the questions.

    And the format meant I had to pay attention to the screen to catch all the questions, couldn’t just listen to the audio.

    PS: love what you guys are doing with Scout!

  2. Anthony….you are an amazing chef……and HOT to boot!!! I watch you all the time. I tried the Pork Rulladin recipe…..turned out amazing!!!

    From a fellow Canadian!