Field Trip: On The Two Best Meals To Be Served This Summer

It’s taken us a couple of days to decompress and find the time to make sense of all the stills and clips taken while attending the two outdoor Outstanding In The Field dinners (previewed in last week’s Westender). There is something to be said for great food, great wine, and great people all tabled in devotion to great atmosphere, especially here in BC during the Awesome season. I hope some of that saying gets said in the video above and Michelle’s photo gallery below…



  • Kaylie

    Holy fuck.

  • Meghan

    Andrew your photos are beautiful – makes us all more envious that we weren’t there!

  • Paul

    …..everything that is good about this amazing province we live in and the people of summer – Jordan Sturdy is one quality dude.

  • Scout Magazine

    Meghan, the photos were taken by Michelle (except for the ones of Michelle, which were taken by me ;-).

  • Heather

    Wow – Andrew & Michelle – what an outstanding composition of our fabulous event – lucky you to be at both! Love your selected music, the whole experience was a sensory sensation!
    We will not miss next year! Thanks for the original W.E. article, without that we wouldn’t have known about O.I.T.F.

  • Scout Magazine

    I hope to see you there again next year, Heather!

  • James Iranzad

    That looks amazing… The zucchini blossoms and turnips had me actually drooling on my desk.

  • Rasoul

    good seeing you at the OITF. truly amazing pictures… and they DO capture the beauty that surrounded us that evening. already looking forward to next year’s event