How To Honour & Lower The Bar At Gastown’s “Pourhouse”

A swell group of Gastown restaurant industry folks (including some of the city’s best bar talent) gathered at 162 Water St. just after noon today to honour and help the owners of The Pourhouse in laying down their beautiful virgin bar, a significant milestone in the highly anticipated joints’ construction… Neighbourhood dignitaries in attendance included Mark Brand, Josh Pape, and Sophie Taverner of The Diamond; Tannis Ling of Bao Bei; Neil Ingram and Simon Kaulback of Boneta; Jason Kelly, Stuart Irving, and Tyson Reimer of Cobre; Kurtis Kolt and Alex Thornley of Salt Tasting Room; Sonya from Chill Winston; Brad Stanton and Sean Hamilton of Revel; Ron Oliver of Maker’s Mark; Karl Gregg from Two Chefs and a Table; my colleague Joanne Sasvari from the Vancouver Sun; Tod Olsen from Pacific Restaurant Supply; as well as site builders Mike and Anthony (plus me). Though he very much wanted to be there, Sean Heather couldn’t break away from service at the Salty Tongue, and Nigel Springthorpe of the Alibi Room missed it by a beer’s head (he was adequately forlorn). Hosting us were Pourhouse principals Brian Grant, Nick Rossi, JenniferForster, Chuck McIntosh, Chris Irving, and Jay Jones, not to mention Jay’s girlfriend Jody and Pourhouse barkeeps Daniel Pitt and Emily Shulze. I’m really looking forward to this one…

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  1. Pourhouse is too much of a play on the term “Poorhouse” Hope this is not a way for to take a kick at the at the poor in order to make money from “booze”.. If so shame, shame, shame on you. Please do remember that 16.00 people live in our community – we are concerned about your “booze forward” approach. We are the ones who have to live with drunks peeing on our sidewalk, fights etc. Hope you understand our concerns.