Sobo’s Iconic Purple Catering Truck And The End Of An Era…


ordering my family's last meal from the Sobo truck in Tofino's Botanical Gardens- late summer, 2007

This morning I was organising photos, video, and text for a post on my recent Tofino trip when a tidbit of topical, bummer news landed on my desk…

You might remember that Lisa and Artie Ahier of Tofino’s Sobo moved their kickass, locally-minded operation from the town’s Botanical Gardens into town proper two winters ago, but have you ever wondered whatever became of the old and iconic purple catering truck that won for them the affections of the international food press and an EnRoute magazine nod for being one of the 10 Best New Restaurants of the Year in 2003?

It was sitting dormant and not a little sadly in their home driveway until yesterday, a hulking, purple tub of a gabillion happy memories of summer days and killer fish tacos.

Well, I’ve just learned that they’ve sold it — gone from their lives (and ours) forever. Sniff.



  • Artie

    It was a sad day for all of us at SoBo. But the bank was happy. The memories were amazing, nobody was sadder than Lisa she loved cooking in the space for the 5 seasons, and having the ability to hand people the food she just cooked. So much more intimate than most situations. It was a fun ride but we also could not be happier in our new space in town which is all wheather and gives us the ability to do so much more catering and special events.

  • Lynda Kaye

    In a strange coincidence of timing, I visited the original spot today where the incredible Purple Truck once dispensed bundles of food bliss to crowds of happy visitors and Tofino residents. What a happy corner that was! But not to worry. Artie and Lisa thrive in their new space and we visit SoBo more often than ever before! Long live the Killer Fish Taco. And the Crab and Shrimp Cocktail. And the Bean Burrito. Etc… etc…. etc…. (Did I mention the Key Lime Pie?)