At Salt With JoieFarm Plus Kolt & Skakun Start A Sweet Blog…


Heidi and Michael from JoieFarm were in town hosting a tasting event with Kurtis Kolt and Jake Skakun in Salt Tasting Room’s cellar the night I returned from Tofino. Unfortunately, due to exhaustion and the pressing need to address a desk loaded with six days of work, I couldn’t stay beyond the first couple of courses. I took a few snaps while I was there, and they can be viewed after the jump…

PS. Be sure to check out Cherries & Clay, the new wine blog from Salt’s own Kurtis and Jake. They’ve put a lot of work into building it over the past couple of months (ignore that the first post was back on October 8th, 2008), and it has been quietly accruing hits for the past couple of weeks. It’s definitely one of the best BC wine blogs on the net, so check it out.


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  1. Too tired and had to leave what looked like a great tasting!

    Sounds like you need an assistant, or someone to help you represent Scout.

    If this is something you have been thinking about, please let me know.

    Blatant self promotion, but hey, I have to try.