The Night Before At The Highly Anticipated “Maenam” On 4th


After reading Owen’s post about the lobster salad he enjoyed at Maenam the other night I arranged to go down, snap some pictures, and try some food before they opened for the public. A friend and I blazed through 10 dishes in chef Angus An’s kitchen, everything from intensely aromatic oxtail soup and fiery green curry with halibut cheeks to crispy pork belly and probably the best pad Thai I’ve ever had, all washed down with cold, refreshing bottles of Hoegaarden…


I suspect they’ll be open for dinner tomorrow. Officially, however, it’s Friday. Check out the full menus on their website here. Think Vij’s but Thai with Rangoli prices.

Break a leg, folks. Kick some Kits ass.

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  1. On their website you can do resos, just not for this weekend. Appears they begin to take them for their true opening date of next Tuesday. All done via open table (or I guess you could call).

  2. Hangar steak salad, chicken mussamen, crispy pork belly, oxtail soup, curried duck, golden mantle oyster, David Thompson’s three sauce ling cod–all to die for. Best meal I’ve enjoyed in a long time. Just wish I could have eaten more, but there were only four of us.

    Very reasonable price point for food of this quality. Go for it!