Kitsilano’s Gastropod To Go Thai As “Maenam”

The award-winning Gastropod restaurant on West 4th will close at the end of April and reopen two weeks later as Maenam, an authentic Thai restaurant that will have the same attention to detail in the service and a similarly amped wine and cocktail program. Gastropod will continue as a private catering company. Who knows, it might be re-born somewhere else down the line.

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I’ve known owner/chef Angus An (interview) to be very keen on opening a Thai restaurant for a long time now (he trained and met his wife at the world’s only Michelin-starred Thai restaurant, Nahm, in London). He had been looking for a second location to do this for the past year, but with the economy the way it is this seems a much more prudent move. With its fine food, accessible price points, and liquids emphasis, Maenam (“mother water”) sounds a lot like Vij’s, only Thai instead of Indian cuisine. Smart, and very possible.

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  • http://deleted Kyle

    Wow. Kind of bitter sweet. BItter for the obvious, but sweet as we’ll finally have an awesome Thai restaurant.

    Good luck!

  • Luck

    Sawadee Krup … I wish you all the best & all I ask is Nahm Tok, a perfect beef salad) !

    Show some support, David Thompson at Nahm is the fucking man & I know Angus won’t dissapoint.


  • khristian


    This bodes well – I really enjoyed Gastropod the times I ate there but I also shared in a staff meal (moved a newly acquired fridge while I was there)and that was some of the best Thai food I ever ate.

    Hope there’s lot’s of German Riesling on the wine list!

  • Ryan B

    I heard a rumor there was a pretty killer beef salad on the menu ;)

  • ac

    “(he trained and met his wife at the world’s only Michelin-starred restaurant, Nahm, in London).”

    Is there a word missing from this parenthetical??

  • Scout Magazine

    Ha! Thanks for the catch. All fixed. My bad.

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  • Tim

    Now open and dazzling ‘em with great food and cocktails.