Wine Branding: From “Joie” To “Joie Farm”

Heidi and Michael up at Joie in Naramata have done a slight rebrand of their winery for trademarking reasons, sticking a “Farm” after the name. It will henceforth be called JoieFarm. We’ve accordingly updated their Scout page and made a mental note, but I was always fond of the original brand so I know it’ll take more than that. I have several bottles with the old branding in my wee cellar so I just cracked open their ’06 Noble Blend to fight the confusion (paired with cold chicken from the fridge). Every time I take a swig I exclaim “JoieFarm!”, and though my sleeping children are a little upset at this, I’m pretty sure I’m winning.

Their statement below:

We, Heidi Noble and Michael Dinn, would like to announce that we have made a small change to our name from Joie Wines to JoieFarm for trademark purposes. The reveal of the updated logo is included above and will be made public with the private release of our 2008 vintage, February 17th-24th, 2009.

The name JoieFarm reflects the development of our project over a five year period from producing wines out of other winery facilities, exclusively from growers’ grapes, to the building of our own winery and the planting of our own vineyard.

Even with the exciting addition of estate fruit, we will continue to work closely with the 20 dedicated farming families who supply the majority of our grapes on long-term contracts. JoieFarm will continue to be focused exclusively on the aromatic varietals of Alsace, Burgundy and Champagne, in pursuit of complex, naturally balanced wines that compliment the cuisine of the West Coast of Canada.

Since 2002, our project, originally known as Joie, has evolved from a guesthouse and on-farm cooking school into a 9,500 case winery and vineyard. This has been an exciting process and to mark this evolution our new trademark, JoieFarm, signals the increasing control and improvements we have made to our wines and our deep connection to the place we call home.

Along with the rebrand comes a completely revamped website. Looking good.

View Joie Farm’s Scout Page


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  1. The name works for me and has all the right conotations. Looking forward to the new releases.