Q&A With Billy Would Designer Adea Chung

One or twice a week Scout poses 60 questions to a local who has made life in BC that much more interesting. They pick and choose which ones they’d prefer to answer, with a minimum response rate of 20. A Rorschach test, for sure…

Adea Chung is the creator and designer of Billy Would Designs – handcrafting jewellery and accessories from reclaimed and salvaged wood. Growing up in a large and artistic family, she always knew she wanted to create. Before ‘Billy Would’ Adea worked at a heli-ski company, the bank and then pursued massage therapy. She now spends her days covered in sawdust and loves it!


Scout Q&A

Three things about your neighbourhood that make you want to live there: I’m lucky to live in beautiful North Vancouver with my hubby and little one surrounded by greenery. Trees, snowboarding, and Mahon park would have to be my top three.

Sexiest fashion item for the opposite sex: Tattoos. Or maybe flip-flops. Is that weird?

One thing you’d like to change about Vancouver: More food gardens and less city flower beds.

Book you’re reading: The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

If you could rename yourself: When I was 6 I desperately wanted to be named Crystal, I played a lot of Barbie.

Your ancestry: Dutch-English mama and Korean dad.

Dumbest purchase ever: An over-priced broken bike from the police auction. In fact it’s still sitting outside reminding me of my consumer regret. I got caught up in the bidding frenzy and just wanted to be part of the action. Not so smart.

What are you proud of: Being a mom.

Ice cream flavour: Mango ginger gelato from La Casa at Clark and Venables.

Food your mom makes better than anyone: Everything!

Talent you wish you possessed: Flying.

The trend you wish you never followed, but did: Perm. Soooo bad.

The scariest situation you’ve ever been in: Traveling Guatemala with my hippy parents and getting pulled over by crazy men with guns at check stops. Did I mention I was 8? Or maybe a tie with Naughty Camp 2000 at the Pemberton Rodeo grounds.

Local person you admire most: The poor/homeless. Taking so little (oil, electricity, even food) and producing the least amount of garbage.

Best concert experience ever:Taking my daughter to Feist at Deer Lake Park when she was 5 and watching her sing her heart out to her favorite songs.

Quality you admire most in yourself: Resourcefulness.

The career path you considered but never followed: Mechanic. I always wanted to open a shop for women where they could take there car to and not feel intimidated.

The first three things you do every morning: Walk the dog, make tea and check my email (I guess teeth brushing should be in there too somewhere)

Biggest hope: To be completely self sufficient (without sacrificing too much comfort).

Favourite book as a child: The Narnia books by CS Lewis, particularly The Horse and His Boy.

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