Q&A With Barbara-Jo McIntosh

Barbara-Jo at Opus Bar, 2008 - photo Hamid Attie

photo - Hamid Attie

Each week, Scout poses 60 questions to a local who has made life in BC that much more interesting. They pick and choose. The minimum response is 20 answers. A Rorschach test, for sure.

Barbara-Jo McIntosh is one cool lady whose passion for books and food combine at her popular book store, Barbara Jo’s Books To Cooks. An award-winning food professional with over 25 years experience in the food and hospitality industry, she is the author of the bestselling Tin Fish Gourmet and a passionate supporter of Vancouver’s gastronomic community. In 2003, Vancouver magazine honoured her with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her many contributions to our culinary scene.

Three things about your neighbourhood that make you want to live there: Uva, Orpheum, Screening Room

Default drink of choice: Whisky.

One thing you’d like to change about Vancouver: Drug scene.

Book you’re reading: Paris Edition by Waverly Root.

Last place traveled: Paris.

Biggest fear: Dying before I can speak French fluently.

Most regrettable purchase ever: my Renault Five – Le Car.

Talent you wish you possessed: Patience.

Musical instrument you long to play: Violin.

The game you’re best at: Scrabble.

Mac or PC: Mac Wannabe.

The scariest situation you’ve ever been in: Toss up between the food poisoning in NY or being mugged in NY and I still love NY.

Best concert experience ever: my first-Carole King and James Taylor.

Old television shows you can tolerate re-runs of: Vicar of Dibley.

First memory: My mother and father bathing me in the kitchen sink.

Song that first made you love music: [Ravel's] Bolero

The career path you considered but never followed: Social worker.

The first three things you do every morning: Yoga-eat-email.

Favourite book as a child: A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Biggest hope: To spend alot of time with a wonderful man.


photo by Hamid Attie

3 Responses to “Q&A With Barbara-Jo McIntosh”

  1. Irishgirl on November 27th, 2008 12:10 pm

    Dude…..be nice and correct the spelling of her name. A visit to her website would’ve given you the correct spelling…..

    Barbara-Jo McIntosh

  2. Karen Page & Andrew Dornenburg on November 29th, 2008 1:25 pm

    Long admirers of Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks, we were delighted to learn more about the wonderful woman behind the store via this Q&A — thanks! (And “wonderful men,” take heed — she’s a keeper.)

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