The First Look At Pan²

Walking up from Nu after today’s Chef’s Table Society meeting, I spotted a door ajar in the old Tony Roma’s location on Pacific around the corner from Il Giardino. A very tough location, to say the absolute least, as walk-by traffic is virtually nil. From the looks of it, though, the folks from West Pender’s Kentizen seem to be going all out on the decorative tip with this, their new restaurant (I spied ceramic lions in there, for real!).

So you never know. Pan² Fusion Grill might be a hit. Of course, it might help their case if they change the name before they open, but I’m thinking they won’t feel that particular hamstring until it bites.

Side plate: Seriously what’s with the “squared” names of late? That’s two restaurants with the ² in a less than two months. One more and I’m calling the arithmetic cops. Seriously. It has to stop now.

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