The Lazy Gourmet

October 5, 2008 



1605 West 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1N5
Telephone: 604-734-2507
Twitter: TheLazyGourmet


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The People

Owner: Susan Mendelson
General Manager: Kevin Mazzone
Chef: Jenny Hui

About The Lazy Gourmet


Specializing in truly contagious hospitality while showcasing the finest in local ingredients and outstanding quality, The Lazy Gourmet strives to be Vancouver’s premiere caterer and event company. Our services’ encompass everything from morning baking to fully produced sit down dinners for 800. Quality ingredients, sustainability and the highest level of service have been ingrained in the DNA of the company since 1979 when owner, Susan Mendelson opened its doors as Vancouver’s first catering company.

After a 30-year tenure of delighting Vancouver with a bistro and up to four locations at one time, we now focuses on catering and producing events. Our take out program consists of items such as our house-made lasagna, cookie dough and other specialty items.

Sustainability is one of the main pillars in our philosophy and includes making sure that everything we do has the environment in mind. This means that everything in the front and back of house has a plan of action to reduce our carbon footprint and make sure that the items we serve our guests are local and the best quality. Being a part of the Ocean Wise program helps us regulate the seafood items we use and The Green Table Network assists in reducing the energy we consume and products we use that have a negative impact on the world around us.

The story our food tells is one rooted in true West Coast flavors spanning the past 30 years of food culture in Vancouver. Using only the finest ingredients we find local suppliers that can guarantee its freshness and eco-friendliness.

The secret to the Lazy Gourmet’s success is our people and their drive for un-compromised excellence. We are a tough and determined group who work to ensure that we always remain true to our origins.

These origins can be found in Susan Mendelson herself, as she is vigorous and graciously generous. This has created a robust and seasoned staff whose single-mindedness for quality and contagious hospitality is as distinctive and inviting as Vancouver itself.