R&B Brewing Co.



Coordinates: 54 East 4th Ave | Vancouver, BC | V5T 1E8 | MAP
Digits: 604-874-2537 | Fax: 604-874-2517
Email: ales@r-and-b.com | Web: r-and-b.com
Hours: 8:00-4:00 Mon-Fri (party pickups on Saturday from 10am-12pm by prior arrangement).
Tours: At the present time we are unable to run regularly scheduled tours, however if you send us an email with a tour request, we’ll see what we can do to fit you in.


About R&B Brewing Co.


R&B Brewing Co. has always been, and will always be, just about as independent a microbrewery as you’ll come across.  Founded in 1997 by longtime friends and co-workers Rick Dellow and Barry Benson (the ‘R’ & ‘B’, respectively), R&B Brewing Co. was set up to stand in opposition to what the beer world had become – big, non-descript, faceless, and corporate.  Combining over 60 years of brewing experience with some of the big guys, Rick and Barry sought to create deliciously hand crafted ales and lagers that would bear no resemblance to the world of big beer.  Full-bodied and distinctly rich beer, using only the choicest malts, hops and yeast, are the focus of the product, while the co-owners personalities blend to create the brewery’s character – edgy, young, independent…and definitely East Van!

Located just off of Main street, you’ll routinely hear punk-rock, ska, and folk music blasting out of our doors as you take in the sweet smell of boiling wort and the grinding roar of our grain mill.  Available in the neighbourhood and all round town, look for a bar or restaurant where you can try one of our six year-round selections, be it our nutty Raven Cream Ale, the crisp Sun God Wheat Ale, our snappy Bohemian Lager, our darker than dark Dark Star Oatmeal Stout, our floral and hoppy Hoppelganger IPA, or our personal favourite, the Red Devil Pale Ale.  During the winter months, you can look forward to knocking back our Auld Nick Winter Ale, a full bodied malty winter beer filled with warmth and spice – just like you!

As cliché as it may be coming from a brewery, from all of us at R&B Brewing Co., cheers!